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XEROX DCIVC3370 Upper Fuser Roller

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XEROX DCIVC3370 Upper Fuser Roller


This upper fuser roller is compatible for all three XEROX DCIVC3370 / 4470 / 5570 models.
It is devoid of ghost image problem and fusing defect.
It also has an outstanding fusing capacity at low temperature.


Fuser Tech. Korea is a leading manufacturer of a fuser roller (Heat roller, Pressure roller) which is a crucial part of photocopiers, laser printers, color multifunction printers and high-speed digital printers. Our focal point lies on the production of enduring and high quality rollers.
Our fuser rollers have strengths in color multifunction printers and high-speed multifunctional printers in particular. The quality of our products are differentiated from that of other companies. We use steel pipes under 1.0t that are taper-processed through CNC Centerless Grinding Method, thus, eliminating the possibility of potential paper wrinkles beforehand.
Also, we apply Injection Molding Method when spreading the silicone evenly in between SUS sleeve and P.F.A tube in order to maintain uniform thickness throughout the product and make it devoid of fusing defects.